Spike Palmer is a painter based in Camas, Washington. After having tattooed around the United States for nearly thirty years, he returned to his first love of standing in front of the easel.

He is an advocate of eating real, organic and local foods to support the small ethical farmers that are the backbone of any great community. He also supports any and all creative endeavors of those around him.

He is 100% certain that petting dogs is a necessity in this life.

He often says and truly believes that he is a very lucky man - evidenced by the fact that his loving girlfriend and dogs continue to stick by him and support him, despite his alternating altruism and curmudgeonry.

The Work

I work mainly in oils on panel or canvas. When I paint, I'm investigating that magical moment of beauty that I have perceived in the dancing light and chaos or lack thereof. Most are simple, everyday images, but ones that have great import in the structure of our lives - those tender, awe inspiring moments that make me love this world even more.

Would you like a painting?

I am accepting commissions based on photographs of your dog or cat or mouse or horse or baby orca.

You can get in touch with me using my contact form to discuss rates, scheduling and more.

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